Kalo Design

Components, guidelines, and resources for building products at Kalo


Our products should be designed to be intuitive, simple to use, and clean to the eye. Even though we’re solving complex needs, the user experience should feel effortless and save the user time allowing them to focus on the things that matter.


Every element should be designed to help the user focus. It should be clear to the user the priorities, visual hierarchy, contextual awareness and path to success. Everything should have clarity, never use ambiguous design or language.

Make work beautiful

Beautiful should go beyond just visuals. Our products should give our users a world class experience to look at and use. Every UI decision should consider the end user and always have a purpose, we don’t just do ‘pretty’ for the sake of it.

Think like our users

Understand how our users think and feel through research and empathy, understand the user's path to success and remove anything unnecessary.